Welcome to the website of COM PLUS CZ, a.s. We will provide you with comprehensive and quality services in the field of ICT, computer networks management, telecommunications, software development and company communications. We operate throughout the Czech Republic.


Company communication

Increase the efficiency of company
communication.We offer Help Desk,
videoconferences. mobile application
Help Desk which helps with customer
requests and a system for call recording.

Outsourcing IT

We will find such a solution that will
reduce your costs of the information and
communication technologies. We
will provide complete management of
ICT or of some parts only.



We project, build and service mobile,
optical as well as copper networks
and telecommunication exchanges.
We have experience
with big projects.

Software Development

Is your software unsuitable for you?
We will adjust it according to your needs
or we will create a new custom-designed one. Discover also MS CRM
enhanced of telephony.


Firemní komunikace

Nabízíme Vám komplexní řešení
v oblasti efektivní firemní komunikace...
Nahrávání hovorů, Helpeskovou aplikaci,
videokonferenční řešení......


Vývoj software

Najdeme takové řešení, které sníží
Vaše náklady na informační
a komunikační technologie.
Zajistíme kompletní správu ICT
nebo jen některých částí.


What makes us different

Nonstop customer service

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Professional operators

We pay attention to the quality of communication and therefore we monitor customer support.

Continuous surveillance

Our surveillance department constantly monitors your devices and will alert you to potential problem in time.

Customer portal

You can enter your requirements into a web application, where you can also see the solution status.

More than 20 years of experience

We offer you proven know-how; we have been on the market since 1993.

Certified experts

Our technicians and developers are trained in technical areas, but also in communication and other so-called soft skills.

Turnkey services throughout the Czech Republic

We will ensure each job order from A to Z. We provide high-quality services in all regions.

Social responsibility

We behave responsibly towards the environment and the whole society.

Examples of our work

Surveillance system

Complus dohledový systém

Shared services centre

Centrum sdílených služeb

Our references

We provide selected references below